Cape Town, Western Cape, History
My Greetings to all visitors to this website,

I am Chris and I am a South African living abroad in the U.K. Yes, born and bred in the far north of South Africa, in what is now called the Limpopo province.

As a child my parents moved to Natal, a province which is now called KwaZulu Natal. I learned the Zulu language very quickly.

We lived near the Drakensberg mountains on a farm and then in my teens moved to the midlands between Boston and Richmond, KwaZulu Natal.

I became a committed Christian in my 20's with a complete change in my life and lifestyle as result and shared the Good news with everybody - much like John Wesley's warmed heart experience.

I was involved rather spontaneously in field preaching (literally the open air, barns, parks and some deserted churches.These were through expanding network of invitations, opportunities and just plainly because it needed to be done.It was in 1989, that I was approached to be involved with a local Methodist work, which ended up in a full time ministers appointment.

After a number of years we came to the U.K. for a 5 year term, but after 12 years we are still here as the family grew up and settled. I am now in an appointment as a minister in Scotland. I still love preaching and Patoral ministry and the place where I live is special, as are the friendly people.

I still have a keen interest in South Africa, its development and people, and can recommend others to experience it for themselves. So I present the widest range of South Africa accommodation options for every budget available on line.
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Cape Town, Western Cape, History

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